This is Heading One

Get a dog, even a small one that barks will work, but a German Sheppard works better. A professional burglar we interviewed said that a dog in the house would discourage him from entering the home, even a home he has spent days casing. He said that dogs are unpredictable in these situations and they cannot be scared off by pulling a gun on them. There was a situation in New York City some years ago when an apartment dweller came home to find his German Sheppard and a burglar dead in the entry. The way the police pieced it together, the burglar broke in, saw the dog as it was lunging, shot it through the head but somehow the message to the dog that it was dead did not sink in until it had killed the burglar. So much for guns with a dog.

  • Get a good alarm system in the house, but remember, that alarm system can be compromised rather quickly by most pros. Get a system that sends a wireless signal so that the telephone lines cannot simply be cut.
  • Get a surveillance camera for outside you house, the kind that you can monitor on your iPhone. Monitor the comings and goings. Install a hidden camera inside the entry way to your home. It is one of those after-the-fact protection techniques but if someone has stolen values and papers from your home, perhaps the police the catch him before he has chance to do further damage to you.
    Make friends with your neighbors and help each other out letting them know when you come and go and helping them when they come and go. If you become neighborhood or street conscious, it is amazing how quickly you come to see who is a “regular” in your neighborhood and who is not.

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